Training Incentive Schemes

Sea-going Training Incentive Scheme (SGTIS)

To enhance the supply of local qualified personnel with sea-going experience to work in the maritime industry, the Government launches the Sea-going Training Incentive Scheme.

This Training Scheme provides financial incentive for interested persons to take up sea-going training as cadets, which will pave the way for them to become shore-based professionals in the maritime industry.

The Scheme will be administered by the Marine Department. Under the Scheme, a cadet may receive as an incentive, $6,000 (with effect from 1.4.2014) per month during the training period. At the end of the training period, the cadets will qualify to sit for the Class 3 Deck/Engineer Officer Examination. Cadets may also apply for the reimbursement of the first examination fee after passing the examination.

The incentive will be paid to the successful applicants by the Marine Department upon completion of each employment contract up to the maximum training period of 18 months for Deck Cadet and 12 months for Engineer Cadet.

The Scheme is open for application all year round. All serving cadets or cadets that previously terminated sea-going and now would like to take up the sea-going training again are welcome to join the Scheme.

The eligible applicant should:

  • be a Hong Kong permanent resident;
  • be a graduate from a maritime training institute recognized by the department;
  • provide proof of employment as a cadet;
  • register as a seafarer with the department; and
  • not have been granted other kinds of similar financial assistance.

Those interested may contact the Seafarers' Certification Section of the Marine Department for details.

Telephone: (852) 2852 4362, (852) 2852 4364, (852) 2852 4368
Fax : (852) 2541 6754

The application form is available for collection from the Section at the 3rd Floor of Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central or by downloading from the Marine Department's website at