Hong Kong Maritime Week 2018: Tour of Modern Terminals

November 23, 2018

1:45 - 4:45 pm

Modern Terminals Limited, Berth One, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Tour of Container Port

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The American Chamber of Commerce in HK /
Modern Terminals Limited

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The Port of Hong Kong is an important pillar of Hong Kong’s economy. The maritime and port industry contributes 1.2 % to Hong Kong’s GDP, and provides 86,000 jobs accounting for 2.3% of total employment in Hong Kong.

Modern Terminals Ltd. has been a pioneer in the growth of the container terminal industry in Hong Kong and Mainland China ever since it opened Hong Kong’s first purpose-built container handling facility in 1972. Today, the Company owns and operates container terminals at Kwai Tsing Container Port, Hong Kong as well as operates and holds a majority of shares in DaChan Bay Terminals in the Pearl River Delta (PRD). In PRD, it also holds equity stakes in both Shekou Container Terminals and Chiwan Container Terminal.

In recent years, the container transportation industry in Hong Kong has been facing various challenges. During the visit, there will be updates on the industry and how Modern Terminals has responded to remain competitive. There will also be a brief introduction of the company and tour of its facilities.