Maritime and aviation Training FUnd

Hong Kong Nautical and Maritime Scholarship Scheme (I) Seafaring Scholarship


To encourage youngsters to receive seafaring training and pursue a seafaring career in order to supply seafaring professionals for the maritime sector


Students of the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in International Shipping and Transport Logistics Programme of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Committed to pursuing seafaring careers on sea-going vessels

Level of subsidy

Each selected student will be granted HK$120,000, including tuition fees for the 3rd and 4th years of the programme

Selected students are required to obtain required academic results in the seafaring subjects
(Note: Scholarship recipients MUST work full-time onboard (seafaring) on ocean-going vessels for a period of not less than 18 calendar months after their graduation.)

Procedures for application

Please contact the faculty staff of the university


Telephone: 2766 4607

Fax: 2330 2704