Maritime and aviation Training FUnd

Local Vessel Trade Training Incentive Scheme (LVTTIS)


To attract Hong Kong youngsters to join the local vessel trade sector

To encourage them to acquire a professional qualification as a local coxswain or local engine operator


New employees of local vessel trade sector who have completed the pre-approved local seafarer training courses

Level of subsidy

Each successful applicant will be granted HK$2,500 per month during the employment period, with a maximum of 12 months, i.e. HK$30,000 per person in total

HK$12,000 out of the HK$30,000 will be released after the applicant has acquired the Local Coxswain Grade 3 Certificate / Local Engine Operator Grade 3 Certificate

Procedures for application

Application should be made within 4 months after the applicant has been employed by and served in the local vessel trade, after his/her completion of the pre-approved local seafarer training course (whichever is later)

Application form and required supporting documents should be submitted in person to the Seafarers’ Certification Section of Marine Department for verification of some of the supporting documents with their originals

For more details, please read the application form and “Notes to Applicants”


Telephone: 2852 3069