Maritime and aviation Training FUnd

Maritime and Aviation Internship Scheme (Maritime)


To offer young generation an opportunity to have an early exposure to the wide spectrum of career opportunities in the aviation and maritime sectors

To encourage the young generation to join the two sectors after graduation


Non-final year full-time local students from any undergraduate or sub-degree programmes of the eight University Grants Committee (UGC)-funded education institutions, the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong Metropolitan University and the Vocational Training Council

Level of subsidy

To reimburse participating companies of the monthly honorarium paid to interns up to 75% or HK$7,000 (with effect from 1 May 2019) (whichever is lower)

For a maximum internship period of 3 months

Procedures for application (Students)

To submit the applications for internship direct to the recruiting companies

Information on intern places will be posted timely on the websites of the MATF, HKMPB and the above mentioned education institutions

Students will have opportunities to participate in exchanges / visits to be organised by the MATF. Upon completion of the internship, students have to submit an evaluation form to the MATF direct / via recruiting companies

List of maritime‐related intern places (2021)

Procedures for application (Companies)

Interested companies need to submit registration form for intern places to the MATF Secretariat

The MATF Secretariat will confirm the number of intern places each company has registered and the follow-up procedures

Company's role

register and offer internship places under the MATF during summer vacation of that year, i.e. from May to September for a minimum of 4 weeks

pay the monthly honorarium to student interns during the internship period, and then claim for reimbursement from the MATF regarding the sum sponsored by the Government, together with an evaluation of the scheme, after completion of internship

give a fruitful and rewarding experience to the interns; and

release the interns for a few activities organised by the MATF

For Companies

Transport and Housing Bureau will confirm with the companies the respective number of intern positions registered under the Scheme upon receipt of the registration forms. Please note that companies are free to select suitable interns and have no obligation to fill all the registered positions

Would interested companies please refer to the FAQs for Companies


Telephone: 3509 7261


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