Maritime and aviation Training FUnd

Professional Training and Examination Refund Scheme (ProTERS)


To incentivize those already working in the maritime and aviation sectors to attend course(s) and sit for examination(s) that are being offered by various education institutions, professional or trade bodies to raise their professionalism and competency, and encourage them to acquire relevant professional qualification(s)


Full-time employed by a company / an organisation in Hong Kong during the time when taking the pre-approved course / examination and at the time of application; and

Residents of HKSAR whose job duties are maritime / aviation-related

Pre-approved courses and examinations

Courses and / or examinations must be taken within or after its first issue on the “Pre-approved Courses / Examinations List”

Level of subsidy

Each successful applicant can be refunded 80% of course or examination fees after completing the course(s) or passing the examination(s)
(a ceiling of HK$18,000 for refund per person)

Procedures for application

Application form and required supporting documents should be submitted by post within 4 months after completing the course(s) / passing the examination(s)

For more details, please read the application form and “Notes for Applicants”


Telephone: 3509 7261