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Hong Kong seafaring students on board “Yu Kun” for practical seafaring training4 August 2019 – 12 August 2019

10 students of the Maritime Services Training Institute and the Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi) arrived Dalian on 4 August 2019 to participate in the Yu Kun Training Programme, which was organised by the Hong Kong Seamen's Union (HKSU) in collaboration with the Dalian Maritime University (DMU). The programme was funded by the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF).

Yu Kun is one of the seagoing training ships owned by DMU. By taking part in the Yu Kun Training Programme, Hong Kong students acquired nautical knowledge through lectures and tutorial courses. They were also assigned various duties of deck crew or engineering crew. This year, DMU further strengthened and intensified the training on navigation and engineering watchkeeping, so as to prepare participants for working on-board seagoing vessels after graduation.

Due to weather issue, the 11-day programme was shortened by two days and the students returned to Hong Kong on 12 August 2019 instead of 14 August 2019.

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