Revision of air draft restriction at Tsing Ma Bridge4 December 2020

The Government proposes to amend the Shipping and Port Control Regulations (Cap. 313A) and the Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) (General) Regulation (Cap. 548F) to relax the air draft restriction at Tsing Ma Bridge.

A spokesman for the Transport and Housing Bureau said today (December 4), "It is proposed to relax the air draft restriction at Tsing Ma Bridge from 53 metres to 57m above sea level to provide a new, clear and lucid standard for the shipping trade, with a view to facilitating the shipping trade operation and maintaining the competitiveness of Hong Kong Port while upholding the bridge integrity and ship navigation safety.

"The proposed revision would facilitate the access of mega vessels, in particular ocean-going container vessels, to the Hong Kong Port. This would incentivise more shipping liners to use the Hong Kong Port, hence helping to generate demand for port-related and ancillary maritime services, which is conducive to enhancing the status of Hong Kong as an international maritime centre and a transshipment hub in the Pearl River Delta region."

The Legislative Council Panel on Economic Development and the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board have been consulted. Members supported the legislative proposal.

The legislative proposal was gazetted today and will be tabled at the Legislative Council on December 9 for negative vetting.