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Transport and Logistics Bureau organises sharing session to introduce enhanced Maritime and Aviation Internship Scheme (with photos)14 July 2023

The Transport and Logistics Bureau (TLB) organises a Maritime and Aviation Internship Scheme Boat Tour cum Sharing Session today (July 14) to introduce features of the enhanced Scheme and Hong Kong's marine facilities to students of tertiary institutions and secondary schools and to encourage them to join the two sectors after graduation.

The Acting Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Mr Liu Chun-san, said at the Sharing Session, "The Internship Scheme is a flagship project of the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF). The enhanced Scheme enables more young people to gain a better understanding of the industry operation and career prospects, acquire related knowledge, and enhance their work skills." The Government will continue to allocate resources to promote the long-term sustainable development of Hong Kong's maritime and aviation industries, including nurturing more talent for the sectors, with a view to strengthening and enhancing Hong Kong's position as an international maritime centre and international aviation hub in the National 14th Five-Year Plan.

Representatives from the TLB, the Marine Department (MD) and the maritime industry also attended the Sharing Session. Representatives from the MD and the maritime industry as well as student interns of the Scheme shared with the participants the great prospects of the development of Hong Kong's maritime industry and the local vessel industry.

The Scheme used to provide internship to full-time non-final year students of undergraduate and sub-degree programmes from designated local tertiary institutions through companies of maritime and aviation sectors. With the enhanced Scheme, applications for maritime internship places are now open and accepted throughout the year (applications for aviation internship places have been accepted all year round since 2017), and the eligibility for internship applications for the two sectors has been extended to those Hong Kong residents who are lawfully employable in Hong Kong and who at the same time fulfil any one of the following criteria:

(i) full-time local students (including students who are in the final year of their study) undertaking undergraduate or sub-degree programmes in any local institutions; or
(ii) full-time students (including students who are in the final year of their study) undertaking undergraduate or sub-degree programmes in any institutions outside Hong Kong; or
(iii) Secondary-6 school leavers (eligibility for aviation internship places has already been extended to cover Secondary-6 school leavers since 2017).

In addition to sharing activities, the TLB will set up booths at career expos to provide information on the Scheme and career opportunities.

Through tripartite collaboration among the Government, industries and the academia, the MATF subsidises 75 per cent of the monthly honorarium paid to each intern by participating companies or $7,000, whichever is lower, for a subsidy period of up to three months a year. Since its launch in 2014, over 3 600 students have joined the Scheme in various maritime and aviation companies in Hong Kong. For the latest details of the Scheme, please visit the website of the MATF (