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STL continues visit to Shanghai (with photos)06 December 2023

The Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Mr Lam Sai-hung, led members of the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board to continue their visit to Shanghai today (December 6).

Mr Lam and the delegation visited the Yangshan Phase IV Automated Terminal in Shanghai in the morning, where they met with representatives of the terminal to discuss collaboration opportunities between Hong Kong and Yangshan Port. They also received a briefing on various terminal facilities, including the intelligential operation of the digital twin terminals.

Mr Lam and the delegation then met with the management of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) and the Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI). During the meeting, representatives of SMU shared their experiences in building a maritime talent pool, while representatives of the SISI gave a presentation on its role in promoting Shanghai's innovation-driven development by acting as a knowledge service platform for the tertiary education sector. In the afternoon, Mr Lam paid a visit to China COSCO Shipping Corporation to learn more about its operation and highlight Hong Kong's latest developments on maritime, ports and logistics.

Mr Lam said that Hong Kong and Shanghai are respectively the southern and eastern gateways linking the motherland and the world. The two cities, leveraging the geographical advantages of the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta hinterlands to drive freight transport through export trade, serve as pivotal ports both in the Asia-Pacific region and throughout the globe. He expects collaboration between Hong Kong and Shanghai in maritime and port services can be strengthened, and that closer ties in maritime manpower training can be fostered through this visit, with a view to promoting the maritime and port development of the country together.

Mr Lam arrived in Hangzhou in the evening to continue the visit.