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世界現役最大貨櫃船到港 (只有英文)2017年4月24日(星期一)

"MOL TRIUMPH", the largest container vessel in service at present called at the port of Hong Kong on 15 April 2017. The container vessel measures 400 metres in length, comparable to the height of the Two International Finance Centre (420 metres), and 58.8 metres in width. It can carry 20,170 TEU at the same time.

The call of MOL TRIUMPH symbolises Hong Kong's prominence in the global maritime and port industry. Hong Kong port is the fifth busiest container ports in the world and handled a total of 19.8 million TEUs container cargo in 2016. It provides frequent and comprehensive liner shipping services with about 330 container liner services per week connecting to around 470 destinations worldwide.

“Its call on our port carries significant meaning to us. With its strategic location, free port status, world-class infrastructure and world-renowned efficiency, Hong Kong is one of the most popular ports in the world. Mega vessels are becoming a container shipping trend. Our newly-dredged approach channel with a navigation depth of 17 metres can accommodate mega vessels at all tides. We look forward to receiving more such vessels in the future.” Professor Cheung Bing-leung, Secretary for Transport and Housing, welcomes the maiden call of MOL TRIUMPH at Hong Kong.